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DAILY FIND: Sometimes the Internet is a crappy place full of crap. But today I’m reminded that it’s an amazing trove of free and good information from reliable sources: The University of Illinois Extension has created a searchable index of every stain known to man and stain removal solutions for each. The tool will even tell you what your window of stain-treatment time is to achieve optimal results.

This is nerd GOLD, people. Use it in good health. -ts

UFYH, have you seen this?

So I keep saying that I don’t have a degree from stain college, but apparently the University of Illinois Extension is, in fact, stain college, so you should check this database out.

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Earlier this month, photographer James Woodend claimed the 2014 Astronomy Photographer Of The Year title for this breathtaking image of the Northern Lights dancing over Iceland’s Glacier Lagoon. Known as Jökulsárlón, the lagoon is a large glacial lake in southeast Iceland, on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park. You may also recognize it from movies like A View to a Kill, Die Another Day, Tomb Raider and Batman Begins.

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PHOTO OP: Class Portrait

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Love animals as much as we do? Check out explore.org's network of live cams on bears, baby birds, puppies, kittens and more. 

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Pepper and JARVIS had to stage an intervention after Tony saw Pacific Rim.

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I’ve posted an annoying amount about India’s Mars mission already, but.

Just letting everyone know: This. really. happened.

This makes me so happy <3

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The West Wing premiered 15 years ago today ● September 22, 1999

Undisputed holder of the Best Pilot Ever Made award until “Sherlock” came along. (The second “Sherlock” pilot, I mean, not the unaired one.)

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Why is it when you sign books its an autograph but when I do its destruction of property?

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That’s a really hard one, and may need a lot of explaining. Let’s start at the beginning: When a person loves another person they give each other a very special kind of hug, and some months later they might well have a baby. This baby will either grow up to a) write books or b) not write books. In the former case, if the baby (now grown up) signs the book she or he has written it is considered a gesture of connection between the author and the reader. In the latter case, if the not-an-author signs a book written by someone else, it is regarded as an act of defacement.

Of course, sometimes things turn upside down. Joe Orton went to prison for defacing library books and THEN became a famous playwright, so the library books he defaced were, it was then realised, rare art and they eventually went onto display in the library that had originally reported him to the police. So these things change.

I hope this explains the matter.

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A recent experiment conducted by Ilse Cleeves at the University of Michigan suggests that much of Earth’s (and Solar System’s) water may be older than the Sun, and likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space. So one of the most essential things in our lives dates back over 4.6 billion years.

I think the famous picture above (by Melzzeny on DeviantArt) becomes pretty relevant now. I will probably imagine something like this the next time I reach for a glass of water, a liquid with a 4.6 billion year history.

Not to mention, the study indicates that abundant, organic-rich interstellar ices should probably be found in all young planetary systems and that would obviously have implications for the emergence of life elsewhere. Read about the team’s work here»

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